Home Staging includes appealing to ALL of the Home Buyer's senses!

Home staging includes appealing to ALL of the Home Buyer's senses!

We all know that a home must look appealing while on the market, but it also needs to feel welcoming and to smell inviting.  Remember that in addition to taste, touch, sound and sight, smell is one of the most powerful senses we use to decide if something is 'good' or 'bad'.

A sure-fire way to send potential buyers heading for the door is to have unruly odors that permeate your home.  Unpleasant smells may come from a variety of sources, so removing their cause is the most effective solution.  If you have pets, make sure their beds and waste boxes are clean. Remember to empty garbage pails and wash any dirty laundry! All of these things must be addressed before you set out to improve your home's scent.

Diligent hand of housewife vacuuming dust with vacuum cleaner

Diligent hand of housewife vacuuming dust with vacuum cleaner

Here are some proven strategies to make your house smell like a happyhome and get it sold quickly and for top dollar!

1)   Freshen your garbage disposal.  Turning on and then dropping freshly cut lemons and limes down the disposal while running lots of water dramatically helps kick that 'sink stink'. If you don’t have any citrus, some drops of lemon scented soap can do the job!

Clean and fresh smells

Clean and fresh smells

2)   Bring nature indoors.  Plants not only add nice visual accents to your home, but they also help clean the air. Fragrant flowers are always a welcoming addition, but make sure to avoid any that commonly stir up allergies.  Roses, hydrangea, lilies, and geranium are all good choices for color and affordability and they don't trigger allergy sufferers.

3)   The amazing power of dryer sheets.  Spread the clean smell of laundry throughout your house by hiding dryer sheets in air vents, closets, and inside drawers. The texture of dryer sheets also makes for great dust cloths, which can clean your dust bunnies from your baseboards, while leaving a lovely scent in their place.

4)   Candles and diffusers. Unlit candles placed strategically in your home can provide nice little aromatic surprises as buyers walk through, without overpowering a room.  Oil and stick diffusers add a steady supply of fragrance all day long and often last for months in your home.  Use these with restraint as they may compete with one another or could come on too strong.

During an open house…

5)   Bake! Everyone loves the enticing smell of cookies and other sweet delights.  While baking, their delicious and inviting aromas make your home feel special.  If you aren’t the world's most talented pastry chef, it's fine to use pre-prepared grocery options of the 'break-and-bake' variety to improve your home's appeal.

6)   Stove top sizzle.  Toss herbs, fruits, or spices in a warming pot of water on the stove and sit back while you let the aroma fill your house. Cloves, cinnamon sticks, and oranges make a great fall combo or try a lavender or mint and lemon combination for a lighter, more refreshing aroma.

A delightful scent can trigger happy memories and brighten your abode.  When the scent is right, buyers will relax and emotionally connect to your home. This both reinforces and enhances all of the efforts you've made to create a positive experience for potential home buyers.

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