Mystery Rooms are NOT a Halloween Phenomenon

Mystery rooms aren't a Halloween phenomenon.

A 'Mystery Room' is a room that is not available to see while the property is being shown. Homebuyers are looking at purchasing an entire property, not just most of it's important that all rooms are easily viewable!

An inaccessible room, one that is locked and off limits, is considered bad form when selling. No matter what may be behind the door, not being able to see rooms in a home when considering a purchase creates doubt and concern in the buyers' mind. Doubt and concern are sure fire Buyer Road Blocks!

If you have a room that must be off-limits for some reason, say, for example, you have a pet that needs to be secluded for the visitor's safety or for the pet's well-being, first take detailed photos of the room and post them on the room's door. Include an explanation for the reason you can't grant access and assure Buyers that you can and will make the room accessible if they'd like to revisit the property. If they return, you can be certain that you are probably showing your property to seriously interested purchasers.

Mysterious circumstances can trigger a similar reaction.

For example, an older home with a hole in the basement floor, which is covered with a plywood door, that is being held in place with a concrete block, is going to generate some concern!  Buyer's worries will run the gamut, from serious structural issues to speculations of a dungeon straight out of The Silence of the Lambs. And believe it or not, this is exactly how buyers will remember your home. Speak with any Realtor and they will tell you, Buyers 'nickname' homes to help keep them straight in their memories.

It goes without saying that very few buyers will consider purchasing "The Silence of the Lambs" house.

Mystery room silence of the lambs pit

Mystery room silence of the lambs pit

Remove the mystery, make sure everything and every room in your home is viewable, and be sure to offer easy-to- understand explanations for issues that could raise questions. In fact, it's always better to address possible concerns before they ever arise!

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