Bad Staging Can Be Funny

Bad staging can be very funny, as long as it isn't in your home.

It's hard to imagine that when a room, or an entire home, looks really bad, the Home Owners and their Realtor can't see it!

Every experienced real estate agent has had the jarring experience of showing a home that is so awful, or it looks nothing like the online photos, that it's hard to know whether to laugh or cry.

We think the best course of action is to laugh, because just like the now infamous "People of Walmart", bad staging can be very funny!  In fact, while our intent is not to be mean-spirited, let's be honest, sometimes it's hilarious beyond description. And it nearly always makes the next home you see look wonderful by comparison.

What Can You Do?!

When a seller or the listing agent solicits your opinion for showing feedback, please stifle your giggles and be might even recommend professional home staging.  Great stagers know how to transform some of the worst rooms into livable and inviting retreats.  By being honest, you are doing them a big favor, because professional staging means a faster sale and far more dollars on the sellers closing statement.

Yes, we are having some fun today, and below are just a few of the Best of the Worst we could find.

The good news?!  You aren't seeing any of THESE homes this weekend!!!

Bad Staging

Bad Staging

This is NOT Curb Appeal

This is NOT Curb Appeal

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