Upgrade Your Bedrooms To Sell

When it comes to selling your home, upgraded bedrooms, are key!

Think about it, bedrooms are where most of us spend about a third of our lives.  When your bedroom says "This is a lovely, peaceful place to spend lots of quality time", that message will be a positive influencing factor in the decision-making process for potential homebuyers.

Start in the Master Bedroom

The bed should always be a standout feature of any bedroom.  Ideally, its placement will be on the opposite wall of your entry doors.  If that isn't possible, make sure you don't have to go around the bed to get into the bathroom, if there is one.  Beds against windows are not well-placed.  Note: if there is a window above the bed, make sure it is high enough up on your wall to allow for a headboard.

Your mother was right, please make your bed and make it well!  Include overfilled pillows; 2 decorative shams, 2 sleeping pillows in front of the shams and 3 decorative throw pillows are enough without being too much.   Make sure that fresh clean sheets are turned down over the bedspread, and then layer in a contrasting but neutral blanket.  If you don't have a headboard, or yours is worn, replace it with an inexpensive, neutral toned, padded headboard and no footboard, as those tend to make rooms look smaller.  A headboard makes your bed looked finished.  It isn't necessary to spend a fortune, just please make sure your bedding fits in with the room and the decor in your home.  Caution: going overboard on bedroom design can make a bedroom look awkward and out of place. That's not the message you want to send.

 Keep Things Light

No matter what the style of your furnishings, less is always more when it comes time to sell.  The room below would be more appealing if there were no bench at the end of the bed. Also, a smaller table, or no table at all, next to the chair in the corner would look better.  Remember, the way you live in your home day-to-day is often not the best way to present your home for sale.  Ample space and light are two key design elements in homes that sell quickly and for top dollar.

Take it easy on the trends

Color and design trends come and go.  The bedroom below is right on point for the market in late 2017 but will probably look out of date in 3 years.  When preparing for sale, accent your bedroom with easy-to-change paint accents, inexpensive decorative pillows, and causal artwork.  This will appeal to homebuyers who are actively looking at model homes featuring the latest designs without breaking the bank.

Children's Rooms Can Be Sophisticated

Too often children's bedrooms are a full-on explosion of the latest animated movie cartoons and superheroes!  Keep in mind, not everyone has children, so these over-themed rooms can be somewhat off-putting to childless or empty nest buyers.  Naturally, we don't suggest getting rid of your children while your home is on the market! However, introducing softer, more sophisticated patterns and toning down the theme park look can be very helpful.  Ultimately, the goal of staging is always to attract the widest variety of homebuyers in your market in order to sell your home and move forward.

Always think 'Switzerland'...Being Neutral is a Safe Course of Action

Neutral colors, finishes, and statements are the wisest courses of action when encouraging homebuyers to seriously consider your home.  It's helpful to remember, the less of your own personality on display the better.  And the easier it'll be for qualified purchasers to see themselves in your home.

Additional Tips

A few extra, proven tips for bedroom upgrades include: clear off your nightstands except for a single lamp for each table and a small green plant, or fresh bouquet and a solo hardbound book on top. Consider adding some pop to your bedrooms by replacing bland, ceiling mounted lights.  Substitute lovely, up to date hanging light fixtures (or chandeliers) that coordinate with your decor.   Finally...please scrupulously clean, and remove any clutter! Hide all cords and add some pretty candles. Casually place a soft throw blanket on the corner of your bed.

Follow our suggestions and your bedrooms can, and will, help you sell your home!