Easy Bathroom Updates Are a Cinch

Bathroom updates are a cinch and can be done by most anyone when you know where to put in your best efforts. Bathrooms are usually the smallest, and yet the most 'visited', rooms in your home.  They are often taken for granted and sellers ignore their decor. But when you are selling your home, small changes can make a big difference! First your bathrooms should be so clean they literally sparkle and shine.  Next they need to feel uncluttered and inviting.  It's fun to do when you know how. Here are our top 5 bathroom updates anyone can (and should) do before listing their home for sale. #1-PAINT!  Make sure the bathroom paint is fresh and neutral and matches your home's decor.  It is nothing short of startling to walk into a bathroom that is a personal statement room with bold paint, crazy artwork and kitschy accessories to express the homeowner's 'wild side'.  Fine when you live there, not so good when you want to sell.

#2-Add a new shower curtain! Preferably one without pictures of flamingos or cats.  And bring in fresh towels, soaps and accessory containers.  Keep all of the colors in complimentary combinations so they entice your buyers.  Beiges and whites go with almost everything; blues, oranges, reds, greens and browns.  If you want to add some pop for example, choose a neutral color scheme and introduce medium blue towels with orange and yellow artwork with some blue accents to pull it all together.  (Tip: don't use a floor rug in the bathroom, it makes the room look smaller.) It is super easy to find compatible color themes by simply searching for bathroom decor ideas on Pinterest.com.

#3-Replace the mirror!  Often times the bathroom mirror is boring or outdated.  Taking a mirror and having it framed to look like artwork, for example by using a wide metallic frame that matches the hardware in the bathroom never fails to make the bathroom look upscale and up-to-date.

#4-Install shelving to reorganize and declutter the space.  By adding nicely painted storage shelves and/or overhead cabinets you can neatly organize any accumulated toiletries and necessities that tend to accumulate in the bathroom.

#5-Make it special! Add fresh or high quality silk flowers and clean-scented candles in Fresh Linen, Sea Air or Lemon fragrance. They help make the room look soft and pretty and to smell really good without overpowering the space with too much perfume.

Follow these suggestions and Buyers will most certainly be quietly impressed with the bathrooms in your home!

Do it yourself bathrooms

Do it yourself bathrooms

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