Staging Children's Bedrooms

If you are staging children’s rooms, it requires a thoughtful plan.

Staging a child’s room is a delicate process, and therefore, it’s important to make sure your kids feel comfortable living in their room when the property is for sale. Staging a home is a process carried out to neutralize your personal interests and personality, making it more appealing to the majority of home buyers in the market. Future home purchasers want to imagine their own children in your bedrooms, it's a must in order to engage them to make an offer.  Consider these important points when staging your youngster’s room:

You don’t necessarily need to purchase new things to stage a child’s room.

You can start the staging process by using what you already have.First, put a new coat of paint in the room, frequently it is money well-spent.  Paint makes everything clean and fresh…when selecting colors use only neutral tones, please!Paint out the pinks, blues, sports and Disney themes.Remove almost all of the posters, pictures and so forth, thereby reducing the child’s specific ‘imprint’.Clean the area rug or remove it entirely as rugs in smaller areas make rooms seem smaller.  Minimize the clutter, remove an overabundance of toys and other distractions.Space and light are the names of the game when working to increase any room’s appeal.

Clean, clean and clean some more!

Children of all ages tend to overlook dirt and messes.Prepare their rooms by making certain that every single thing in the room has a place and is clean and well-maintained.If the room really needs a fresh bedspread and pillows, include those in your plan.Make sure all furnishings and finishes are in good repair.  Lamps and door handles included!Windows should sparkle, drapes should be open when buyers tour and a few touches like a small vase of fresh flowers or a live green plant will make every room more inviting.  In addition, make sure the room smells every bit as clean as it looks!

It is helpful to remove ‘personal identifiers’.

Personal identifiers like awards, jerseys, trophies, picture frames, souvenirs, name tags and the like are better stored away. These items usually distract from a buyers ability to imagine their own family members living in the space.Please remember, when your home sells, you’ll be taking all of these things with you.  Therefore, it makes sense to pack them now as part of your plan to move.

Make sure you explain to your child the reasons you are making some changes.

Helping your child understand that these methods will make your home sell more quickly (and for more money) should go a long way toward motivating them to work with you to make these necessary, effective and temporary changes.  You can make a game of it for them and award points each time your child helps you prepare their room to be shown.  Agree upon a final reward you know they will want, to be awarded when the home goes under contract; as a result, this will make it easier for them to participate in the process and they will look forward to helping you get your home sold.

Clean and Tidy Bedroom

Clean and Tidy Bedroom