Ever Heard of The Rule of Four?

The Rule of Four is the term Professional Homestagers usewhen deciding the maximum number of key furnishings to use in each room.

Look closely at our main blog post photo to see a perfect example of what we mean when we say "no more than four."

Occupied Homes

For an occupied home, it usually means we need to remove furnishings rather than bring more in.  Over time home sellers accumulate pieces that support their lifestyle-often with more than 4 main furniture pieces.  However, when selling a home, that is rarely the best way to present it.   We stage by paring down the main furniture pieces to four and then style your rooms around that combination. Vacant Homes 

Vacant homes require that we bring ALL of the furnishings into a home.  Our choices must be made carefully-only larger spaces will be improved by breaking The Rule of Four.   Typically, we use four key pieces that are supplemented with artwork, accessories, tables, lamps and area rugs create your ideal look!

Rules Are Made To Be Broken 

This classic, contemporary living room (pictured above) is a perfect example of breaking the rules.  The space is very large and open, yet only 2 main pieces of furniture are being used here.  The reason is that the main piece is an expansive sectional sofa. It takes as much space as a sofa and love seat and another small side chair used in a more traditional setting.

Contemporary Living Room with Mid-Century Style

Contemporary Living Room with Mid-Century Style

Great homestagers know that less really is more when the goal is to spotlight a home's best qualities.   

Overfilling And Adding The Unnecessary

When extra pieces are added that aren't necessary, a room feels smaller.  Buyers almost always want their new home to feel light, bright and spacious.

A careful selection of the best colors, artwork, and accessories, which will coordinate with each room's purpose and style, is the best way to create interest and excitement.

Why Stage Your Home?

Staging homes for sale have been part of the real estate business for decades. Professional home staging makes properties appeal to potential buyers. A survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors concludes that agents believe staging can increase the asking and final sale price up to 15%. Home staging may not always significantly increase the closing price on a home, but it benefits the seller by shortening the length of time a house is on the market.

Employ Professionals

The awareness of the value of professional home staging is increasing so be sure to work with Realtors and Home Stagers who understand how to use staging and what it can do for the sale when it goes on the market. An informed Realtor will recommend the steps to take in the sale of your home and this includes connecting you with a reputable home stager. The money spent on staging will help shorten the market time and will likely increase net sale proceeds.

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Furniture showroom

Furniture showroom

Staged To Sell Design Services is a full-service home staging company established in 2013 in Scottsdale, Arizona.  They have their own 5000 square foot warehouse and have completed over 1200 stages. Their clients say they are the #1 staging company in Arizona.  Everything Staged To Sell Design Services uses in staging is purchased directly from manufacturers; they guarantee it has never been lived upon. They know that’s the only way to ensure a fresh, up-to-date, ‘model home’ appearance in home staging.