Change Boring To Wow-Right Now

Did you know the Master Bathroom is the second most closely judged and anticipated room of a house?!

If you are running out of time and money and you need to get a home on the market, what's the key to a quick master bathroom upgrade? Here's can make exciting, effective changes, and still work with most of what you’ve already got. Leave intact as much of the existing master bathroom as you can. If money and time are an issue then demolition isn't practical!

First The Cabinets

Painting the existing cabinets will make them look brand new and can be completed in a couple of days. Make sure to choose a neutral paint color that compliments, but doesn't actually match your countertops. Replace outdated door and drawer pulls for new ones that coordinate with the rest of your bathroom finishes.

It's fairly inexpensive to install new sinks and handsets, to add an up to date low-flow toilet, replace the shower head with a rain shower head, and exchange old light fixtures for newer, more modern pendant styles or even a chandelier. These updates will transform a master bathroom!


Replace Mirrors and Towel Bars and Clean! Clean! Clean!

Instead of boring, flat, attached mirrors, consider installing decorative mirrors with frames (but nothing ornate) that match the new hardware. Remember to change out the towel bars and towel rings while you are at it.

And be certain to deep clean the entire bathroom, especially the tile and grout. Also declutter any cupboards, shelves, closets and medicine cabinets as buyers will always open them.


Add Artwork, Accessories and Fresh Linens

Now for the fun part! Add artwork, the kind that doesn't look like bathroom art; no bathtub illustrations or signs for 5-Cent-Shaves! Neutral canvas art, in gentle geometrics or soft florals, which compliment the color scheme, are affordable and inviting.


Speaking of florals, add a silk flowering orchid or a green potted plant to the countertop. Include a few pretty glass or ceramic containers displaying new decorative soaps, liquid perfumes, and bath beads...these are tasteful and look lovely.


If you want to create a spa-like effect you can add a big, scented candle and a subtly fragranced reed diffuser. Finally, please, replace any old bath linens with an abundance of brand new, fresh, fluffy towels that have been folded and displayed in a decorative manner.  For showings keep bath linens that are actually being used out of sight. And remove all floor rugs as they make even large rooms look cluttered and small.


Remember to keep your countertops and shelves as clear as possible. Place your toiletry items away. If anything must remain on the counters, place them in an upgraded and decorative container made of mirror, metal or stone. All of these changes can be completed in less than a week. Together they go a long way toward creating a stylish and up-to-date bathroom your potential buyers will love!

Why Stage Your Home?

Staging homes for sale have been part of the real estate business for decades. Professional home staging makes properties appeal to potential buyers. A survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors concludes that agents believe staging can increase the asking and final sale price up to 15%. Home staging may not always significantly increase the closing price on a home, but it benefits the seller by shortening the length of time a house is on the market.

Employ Professionals

The awareness of the value of professional home staging is increasing so be sure to work with Realtors and Home Stagers who understand how to use staging and what it can do for the sale when it goes on the market. An informed Realtor will recommend the steps to take in the sale of your home and this includes connecting you with a reputable home stager. The money spent on staging will help shorten the market time and will likely increase net sale proceeds.

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Furniture showroom

Furniture showroom

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