Why Home Staging Doesn't Work

Here's an important question to ask any Professional Home Stager-

Have you ever staged a home that didn't sell?!

Don't be surprised if their answer is YES...in fact it should be!

If your home stager is a seasoned professional who has staged many homes over the years, then they've certainly staged homes that didn't sell. If their answer is no you can be certain they haven't staged many properties...or they aren't being honest with you. Neither answer is acceptable.

Home staging, when done well, makes a home far more appealing and is proven to bring in higher sales prices in shorter market times.

Here are 5 things that home staging can't fix:

1-An inexperienced/desperate Realtor who doesn't take the listing anywhere near the right price point.

2-Bad real estate photos that don't show the property favorably.

3-Failure toscrupulously clean, paint and make obvious repairs before the staging is conducted.

4-Bad curb (exterior) appeal; if buyers are turned off by the outside, they rarely come inside.

5-Overly restrictive showing access to the property, which makes it difficult to show and limits the number of buyers who’ll see it.


This is just a short list of some mistakes that Sellers and Realtors make, and they will impact, or even prevent, the sale of a home.

Overlooking important factors that directly influence ‘sell-ability’ is exactly like joining a fitness club and expecting to lose 20 lbs because you’ve paid the fees. Don’t bother!

Remember, home staging is an investment and to generate the best results it requires a team effort. When everyone does their part, a sale usually happens quickly. The Realtor, the Sellers and the Home Stager all need to agree on a strategy to accomplish the goal and then fully execute the plan.

In your search for a great home stager, one distinct difference between staging companies is to select only those who use furnishings that have never been lived upon (nothing purchased from resellers, thrift stores, yard sales, etc.) It makes a big difference in the appearance and impact of your stage!

Owner/Robin Leigh

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Furniture showroom

Furniture showroom

Staged To Sell Design Services is a full-service home staging company established in 2013 in Scottsdale, Arizona.  They have their own 5000 square foot warehouse and have completed over 1200 stages. Their clients say they are the #1 staging company in Arizona.  Everything Staged To Sell Design Services uses in staging is purchased directly from manufacturers; they guarantee it has never been lived upon. They know that’s the only way to ensure a fresh, up-to-date, ‘model home’ appearance in home staging.