What are the 3 Most Crucial Home Staging Elements

Here are the 3 most crucial home staging elements to get quick, high-value offers.

When it comes to selling a home, what's most important?! As a professional home staging company, we have staged over 1200 homes in the past 5 years.   We've seen time and again homes that sell quickly and for top dollar have certain common elements.

Just the basics

These are the three most crucial elements for home staging, and anyone can do them. Ignore them at your own peril!   There isn't any value in bringing in new furniture or accessories, holding Open Houses or letting the world know you are selling if you skip these crucial steps.

First, start packing


You may exclaim, "But what if my house doesn't sell?" Ok Mister or Missy, stop that negative voice! If you want to sell, your house will sell.  Just follow the formula for success.  Boxing up and removing from your property any unnecessary items, especially personal things, is an excellent place to start. Personal items include trophy's, souvenirs, family portraits and vacation pictures. These should be removed or replaced. You think they make your house look like a home, but they don't.  They make a house look like YOUR home.  You want prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. They can't if all they can see is "you" and "your family". Replace personal photos and artwork with canvas art or neutral-themed, inexpensive oil paintings of florals and landscapes.

The Next Step

StagedToSell Design Services

StagedToSell Design Services

No buyer wants to look at a smelly, dirty homeunless they are trying to purchase WAY below market value. Think about that for a moment...the message you send to buyers when your home is in poor condition is that you are in distress, you can't take care of it any longer, and you'll let it go for almost any price!  Please, send a better message.  We always recommend professional home cleaning.  Make sure the carpets, doors, windows, ceiling fans, stairways, wood trim and light fixtures are all dust free and fresh. Make your home sparkle and shine from top to bottom. Declutter and remove dusty baskets from floors and significantly reduce the number of display items in shelves. Few, if any, decorative accents, should remain.  If you have children or pets, all of their toys and other accessories should be stored neatly out of sight. Many buyers are single or empty-nesters, so evidence of kids and animals may distract and detract from your home's appeal. Make it inviting and show that you have loved and cared for your home.  Then buyers will more likely focus on your home's best attributes and forgive its flaws because of its charm.


Woman painting home for Sale Staged To Sell Design Services

Woman painting home for Sale Staged To Sell Design Services

If you've painted recently, that's wonderful!  If not, then paint the rooms that need it. Banged up and chipped trim, walls with nail holes and scuffs, outlines of furniture and art that have been moved and removed are going to hurt your sales price. Painting, most especially unusually colored rooms, delivers a significant return on your investment.  Paint makes everything look clean and smell new!  Please use only neutral beiges, light grays and soft whites, depending on your home's color theme.  If those tones bore you, here is some tough love-get over it!  You aren't going to be living there much longer anyway.

Bonus Tips

Here are some bonus tips:  make sure your entryway is inviting, and your bathrooms are scrupulously clean. Purchase fresh, new, white towels and mats, white decorative soaps, a new white shower curtain, and a white, potted fresh flower (orchids are especially nice) and add lightly scented candles to create a spa-like feeling.  If you need more ideas and to see examples of well-designed rooms, go online to Pinterestor Houzzfor an infinite supply of ideas.

Now that your home is well-staged, buyers will be impressed and excited to make offers and you will be moving before you know it!

Owner/Robin Leigh

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Furniture showroom

Furniture showroom

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