Selling a Home When the Market Slows Down

Selling A Home When the Market Slows Down

Projected Interest Rates

Let’s talk about interest rates. The projected interest rates by Freddie Mac indicate almost a full interest point rise by this year’s end. When interest rates rise, the market slows down; it’s as certain as April flowers. Additionally, when rates increase, homes stay on the market longer and cause their prices to soften.

Selling while rates are low means faster selling times and more buyers in the market. When interest rates rise the reverse is true. How can you maintain an advantage as the market changes?

Sell Properties Faster and For More Money

Selling a home is always disruptive, even in a great market. It takes a solid planto get to closing. A successful sale, meaning getting the best price and sold quickly, can be accomplished as long as preparations are made first. That’s where home staging comes in.



Popular tv shows give the impression that most homes need a complete makeover to sell. A professional design team can make any home look incredible with a seemingly limitless budget! Realistically though, the time constraints and financial means of most homeowners won't allow for a total overhaul. And as a rule, the majority of homes require much less work to boost their appeal.

To market a home effectively, the first step is a deep cleaning and the removal of unnecessary furnishings. Buyers want to every property at its best and that's not possible if there are too many things in a home.

Staging a home may be as simple as decluttering, making minor repairs and applying fresh paint. More extensive updates may be necessary, however, adding or repositioning existing furniture and introducing new accessories and pops of color can make a big difference.

Piedra Dining After Staging

Piedra Dining After Staging

Why Stage Your Home?

Staging homes for sale have been part of the real estate business for decades. Professional home staging makes properties appeal to potential buyers. A survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors concludes that agents believe staging can increase the asking and final sale price up to 15%. Home staging may not always significantly increase the closing price on a home, but it benefits the seller by shortening the length of time a house is on the market.

Employ Professionals

The awareness of the value of professional home staging is increasing so be sure to work with Realtors and Home Stagers who understand how to use staging and what it can do for the sale when it goes on the market. An informed Realtor will recommend the steps to take in the sale of your home and this includes connecting you with a reputable home stager. The money spent on staging will help shorten the market time and will likely increase net sale proceeds.

Since interest rates are expected to increase over the next year, it's in your best interest to sell quickly.

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Furniture showroom

Furniture showroom

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